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NHIL Ownership

Nile Hotel International Ltd (NHIL) is a Company limited by shares incorporated on 28th 10/1994 and existing under the Companies Act. NHIL is wholly owned by the Government of Uganda and is listed under Class II of the Public Enterprises Reform and Divestiture Act.


To be an exemplary leader in hotel concession monitoring, development and operation of hotels and other hospitality facilities in Uganda


To monitor the Company’s concession assets, develop, operate and concession hotels and other hospitality facilities in Uganda in line with Government policy and to play an advisory role to the Government on concessions in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Principal Activities

The main activity of the company is to monitor concessions and ensure that the concessionaires comply with their obligations under the Concession and Lease Agreements. NHIL is therefore an asset-holding company and its principal income is lease/concession fees.

A. Develop tourist accommodation facilities 

One of the principal activities of NHIL is to develop demand-driven tourist accommodation and conference facilities in Uganda. NHIL does not engage in day to day running of these facilities. The company instead leases/concessions them to experts who are contracted to manage and develop the business at an agreed revenue share ratio with NHIL.

B. To monitor leased/concessioned facilities

NHIL monitors its concessioned conference and accommodation facilities. The monitoring includes the following:

  • Ensuring that the concessionaire adheres to the concession agreement.
  • Ensuring that the concessionaire reports accurate revenues as these are the basis of the concession fees.
  • Ensuring that concession fees are collected on time.
  • Ensuring contractual compliance and that NHIL’s interests are taken care of throughout the concession period.
  • Ensuring that the leased facility is at all times well maintained by the concessionaire.
  • To keep the shareholder (Government) informed of the status of the business and ensure that the company’s strategic intent and operations are in line with Government policy and directives.
  • Ensure that the Government realises a profitable return on all investments held by NHIL.