Nile Hotel International Ltd (NHIL)’s flagship concession is the land & buildings currently occupied by Kampala Serena Hotel, a five-star hotel. This facility was leased / concessioned to TPS (U) Ltd (Kampala Serena Hotel) in 2004.

The leased facility is comprised of 6.2 acres of land, a Conference Centre and a Hotel Facility.

Over the next ten years, starting from 2017/18, NHIL is intent on growing its portfolio by investing in additional Hotel and Conferencing facilities in strategic locations in the Country.

Property Management

The main activity of the company is to monitor concessions and ensure that the concessionaires comply with their obligations under the Concession and Lease Agreements. NHIL is therefore an asset-holding company and its principal income is lease/concession fees.

Develop Tourist Accommodation Facilities

One of the principal activities of NHIL is to develop demand-driven tourist accommodation and conference facilities in Uganda. NHIL does not engage in day to day running of these facilities. The company instead leases/concessions them to experts who are contracted to manage and develop the business at an agreed revenue share ratio with NHIL.

News & Insights

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